The Woodberry Harrier 2021: Volume 3

The Rest of the Story I can’t even write this line without hearing Paul Harvey’s distinctive voice coming from the clock radio in my grandmother’s kitchen, and I remember those slightly melodramatic tales as being worth listening to. The story behind the story is so often the one worth telling. I found myself remembering thatContinue reading “The Woodberry Harrier 2021: Volume 3”

The Woodberry Harrier 2021: Volume 2

Keeping the Faith Looking back at Harrier #1, I am struck by how hopeful and philosophical we were still feeling there at the mid-point of the season. It seems almost innocent considering the elemental struggles which awaited us after the Expedition.  We have had the expected setbacks: shin splints, pulled muscles, soreness, and fatigue. ButContinue reading “The Woodberry Harrier 2021: Volume 2”

The Woodberry Harrier 2021: Volume 1

The Woodberry Harrier 2021: Volume 1 Begin and then again begin…  – Mathew Arnold It’s been a long time since the last Harrier, so I am happy to sit down to write again about another cross country season with another wonderful team. We are well into our season now, but I can’t say exactly whenContinue reading “The Woodberry Harrier 2021: Volume 1”